important instructions

Govt. Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur

In 1967, Fine Art Department was started

All students must read and comply with the rules of the Institute as contained in this prospectus and with the official notices appearing from time to time on the notice board.

  1. Students of the college shall abide by the rules and regulations at present in force and that may hereafter be made for the administration of the college and shall do nothing either inside or outside the college that will interfere with its orderly administration. Guardians / Parents are presumed to have agreed to the Rules when their wards join the college.
  2. No student shall be on the college premises without his identity card, which must be produced whenever demanded by any member of the staff.
  3. The student must provide themselves with their own materials. The authorities are not responsible for the loss or damage to the property of students.


  1. Students are requested to attend the college regularly and punctually, unless granted leave of absence by the relevant authorities. They are liable to be fined if found habitually late or irregular.
  2. A student must be present on 75 per cent of the possible number of working days in the year and must secure at least 50 per cent average marks in his / her assignments of the year in order to be permitted to appear for examination.


  1. The college authorities must be informed of the reason for any absence.
  2. No student is allowed to remain in the working hours except with the permission of the Head of the Department.

conduct in class - room

  1. The student should maintain cleanliness in their respective class - rooms and studios. Any student found wilfully damage the college property will be severely dealt with. The whole class is responsible for the care of college property and punishable collectively if the damage is not traced to an individual.
  2. Picketing by a student or a group of students is regarded as a serious breach of college discipline.
  3. Change in address must be communicated to the office and the form of statistical information should be filled in by the student.
  4. No association can be formed without the permission of the Dean. No person shall be invited to address the college meeting or society without previous permission of the Dean. In all college debates , the chair should be occupied by a responsible person approved by the Dean. All subjects of debates should be previously approved by the Dean.
  5. Whenever the raw material and equipment are provided by the institution, the articles made as assignments work by the student will be the property of the Institute only and the students cannot claim them as a matter of right. However, the Dean reserved the rights of their disposal.
  6. No student will be allowed to use the office telephone except in emergency.
  7. Students desirous of making an appeal to the Dean on any account must address the Dean through the Head of concerned of Department.
  8. The Dean reserves the right to remove any student, if in his opinion he or she is not fit or associating himself or herself with disorderly proceedings or misbehaving inside or outside the college.


study excursion

A study excursion of the selected students is arranged every year to the places of artistic and historical interest.

student work


Even before the independence, the state of Maharashtra has always been the leader in Education, Art and Science. For the development of the common man, new education system was adopted. Along with Religious andSocial, Maharashtra also actively participated in the agitation of Fine Art. After the independence the education in Maharashtra got new direction.

Several Educational Institutions were established. Besides technical and professional Institutions, Fine Art Institutions were also established.

In 1967, Fine Art Department was started in Government Polytechnic, Nagpur. Out of four Govt. Institutes, Govt. Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya in Nagpur is the only Art Institution of eastern Maharashtra.

Established in the year of independence, the Art Department was transformed into Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya. Under the guidance of Late Shri. Joshirao the Art Department was created and the syllabus for three years diploma course in Fine Art was created with multi objectives. Nagpur University used to issue the diploma certificates.

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